Novinka:SDCC: Small Device C Compiler 4.0.0 released
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A new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, Z180, Rabbit 2000, GBZ80, eZ80 in Z80 mode, TLCS-90,
HC08, STM8, Padauk and PIC microprocessors is now available. Sources, documentation and binaries for GNU/Linux amd64, Windows amd64, macOS amd64 and Windows x86 are available.

SDCC is a retargettable, optimizing standard C (ANSI C89 / ISO C90, ISO C99, ISO C11 / C17) compiler that targets a growing list of processors including the Intel 8051, Maxim 80DS390, Zilog Z80, Z180, eZ80 (in Z80 mode), Rabbit 2000, GameBoy, Motorola 68HC08, S08, STMicroelectronics STM8 and Padauk PDK14 and PDK15 targets. There also is incomplete support for the Microchip PIC16 and PIC18 and the Padauk PDK13.

SDCC 4.0.0 New Feature List:

  • The pdk15 backend now passes the regression tests (both with and without --stack-auto), and is thus considered stable.
  • New in-development pdk13 backend for Padauk µC with 13-bit wide program memory.
  • C2X memccpy(), strdup(), strndup().
  • Better tail call optimization.
  • Many fixes in the pic14 backend.
  • C2X u8 character constants.
  • C2X bool, static_assert, alignof, alignas.
  • C2X attributes on statements.
  • C2X attribute declarations.
  • Support for extended ASCII characters in sdas, sdld
  • Compiler support for UCNs and non-ASCII utf8 in identifiers

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